Worst and the Best Jobs in Australia 2013

Not growing professionally or “there is no room to grow professionally” are the main reasons why some Australians leave their jobs. Other reasons are: unable to balance work life and home life, Workplace or the people they work with, and probably a low salary. Although the last one, people might not consider to be a huge factor as the main reason. Still, being paid a low salary will only enable you to live for each passing day.

So how do we you know which job to apply for?

Last September, Translators, Web Developers, and Surgeons have taken the top 3 best jobs in Australia because of their high salaries and potential growth in income. While labourers and couriers are in the worst jobs category because of a low income and pressuring deadlines.

Below is the list of the lowest paying jobs in Australia:

  • 10. Waiters – $41,909 per year
  • 9. Veterinary nurses – $41,376 per year
  • 8. Café Workers – $40,420 per year
  • 7. Beauty therapists – $40, 165 per year
  • 6. Pharmacy sales assistants – $39,369 per year
  • 5. Sewing machinists – $39,250 per year
  • 4. Hairdressers – $38,865 per year
  • 3. Outdoor adventure guides – $38,319 per year
  • 2. “Other” hospitality workers – $38,054 per year
  • 1. Fast food cooks – $37,705 per year

The list was taken from News.com.au article by Sarah Michael. These figures were taken from ABS data on the average gross earnings of full-time non-managerial adult employees.

source: http://www.news.com.au/money/money-matters/the-lowest-paid-jobs-in-australia/story-e6frfmd9-1226663188446