Working Visa Applicants in Ireland Asked to Check Eligibility

Working Visa eligibility

Dublin, Ireland – Visa assistance firms in Ireland have called on applicants to check on the status of their working visas to Australia following the crackdown on reported abuses of the 457 visas and the planned restrictions to be imposed on it by the Australian immigration.

About 30,000 to 35,000 skilled workers from Ireland are expected to go to Australia to work this year.

Many firms believe that the changes could affect many Irish immigrants who applied for temporary skilled worker visas under the said program. Some major changes in the program were also made since last year.

A visa assistance expert said applicants should look at their old visa applications and check if they are still eligible. She also urged applicants to re-evaluate the situation as changes in immigration rules have been made and implemented, among them the new rules on payment.

Government data showed that the average foreign skilled worker is now earning at least $82, 900(AUD) or €65,000.

Experts say there is no guarantee that an Irish immigrant may get the same rate as other foreign workers or his Australian counterpart and the only way to ensure this is to check with the Australian embassy or immigration department.

The visa assistance firms said applications for working visas may require more documents this time but applicants may still get the updated list of jobs that available for immigrant workers.

Under the new regulations, the charges for visa application in Ireland have increased from €68 to € 292 for working holiday visas and from €84 to €364 for the skilled visa or working visa.