Why Immigrants Love Australia?

tourism in australia

Yearly, a number of people coming from different continents travel and visit Australia. They go to Australia for different reasons. It could be for vacation, adventure, business and education purposes.  While some people go to Australia for a short stay, others have decided to permanently settle in Australia.

Millions of people  have decided to migrate to Australia. And as what Brendan O’Connor, the newly appointed immigration minister of Australia stated “Australia is a nation built on migration.”

People who have successfully migrated to Australia cite a number of reasons why they fell in love with this captivating place and decided to permanently settle in this beautiful country,  most of them have given the following reasons:

1. Excellent Migration Program

Australia is a nation built on migration. The government of Australia has created migration policies that entice people to migrate in Australia. A large portion of Australia’s population is composed of immigrants.

The census report in year 2011 indicated, that for every  one in four of Australia’s twenty – two million people were born in a foreign land.

For July 2008- June 2009 period, the total number of foreigners or settlers who arrived in Australia reached  158,021. These people came from more than 200 countries, majority of them came from New Zealand,  China, South Africa and United Kingdom.

2. Geography

Australia is one of the most remote countries in this world yet it is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is blessed with natural resources and fertile soil that will not only serve as a good habitat for living organisms but can also boost various industries such agriculture and mining.

3. Good Climate

The climate in Australia is really good; it is neither too hot nor too cold! The people living in the northern part of Australia enjoy a tropical climate, while residents of the southern part are enjoying a temperate climate.

This can also  be the scientific reason why Australia is rich in tropical rainforests and fertile soil. Having a good climate can allow people to frequently go to different beaches and visit the Australian Wildlife.

4.  Robust Economic Opportunities

Australia’s progressive economy guarantees gigantic opportunities for foreign investors and human development. In fact the 2012 economic survey revealed that Australia is the 13th richest country in the world.

5.  Lack of Skilled Laborers

The surging economy of Australia has resulted to shortage of skill laborers. This nation is coping with this problem by promoting excellent immigration policies that can entice and invite qualified individuals to live in Australia.

6. Quality Education System

The education system in Australia is patterned under a Western style and is considered as the 8th best education in the world. The education system is run by government and public sectors. The publicly owned primary and secondary schools are free.

7. Affordable Housing

Although, some of the biggest economies in the world are bothered with escalating rental fees and housing costs, the cost of housing in Australia is very reasonable and affordable. Thus, it is very easy to own a house in Australia.

8. Entertainment and Tourism

Australia is famous for its entertainment and tourism industry.  There are a number of bars, art galleries, wildlife and sports club that you can visit.

Australia is a home of adventurers, the sanctuary of nature lovers and hang spot of sports lovers!

9. Healthcare System

The public health care in Australia is considered as of the world’s best.  All Australians enjoy Medicare coverage which compensates for their hospitalization and medical assistance.

10. Laid back living

Though Australia is a modern and technologically equipped nation, the residents in Australia are enjoying a very relaxed lifestyle. The scenic views allow them to enjoy a laid back lifestyle amidst the  fast phase of modern living.

11. Culture

Australia is rich in good culture. Since there are a number of residents in this place, coming from different parts of the world, you can be exposed to a variety of culture. Going to Australia will let you meet amazing people along the way!

These can only be some of the reasons why immigrants love Australia, apply for your Australian Visa now, and you will also fall in love in this beautiful land!