Why Filipinos Avail of Australian Student Visa?

Australian studentA school is an institution for learning. It provides the facilities for instructions and prominent educators. Aside from our family homes, a school is also considered us our second home where we learn significant values. A school plays a vital role in molding our character and prepares us in reaching our dreams.

Since there are a number of schools offering education, it is essential to choose a school that is manned by competent educators and offers a distinctive way of teaching. Enrolling in a good school can help us cope in the competitive world of job market.

Australia is a nation known for reputable universities, and quality education. Some Filipinos avail of Australian Student Visa to finish a degree or take post graduate courses in Australia. There is an increasing number of Filipinos who are eyeing Australian universities. This only signifies Filipinos high regard for quality education.

According to the report released by Times Higher Education for the 2012 -2013 World University rankings, there were five universities in Australia that landed on the top 100. Included in the top 100 universities were: University of Melbourne 28th, Australian National University 37th, University of Sydney 62nd, University of Queensland Australia 65th and the University of New South Wales ranked on the 85th.

Australian way of Teaching

Most Filipino students find the Australian way of teaching unique as compared to what they are used to. The Australian way of teaching focuses on practical approach which encourages independent thought, critical and creative way of thinking. Most instructors include debates in class. They aim to provide students a thorough understanding of the subject matter rather than teaching for the sake of preparation for exams.

Learning While Earning

Aside from learning, holders of Australian Student Visa are also given the privilege to work in Australia. They are not permitted to work in Australia unless they have started schooling. They are given the privilege to work in Australia up to forty hours (fortnight) for every 2 weeks hours while their respective courses is in session. However during course breaks, they are allowed to work for unlimited hours.

Filipino Students find this approach very helpful. While they are preparing to earn their respective degrees, they can work, support themselves and even send money to their relatives in the Philippines.

They enroll in Australian Universities to further improve their knowledge and send remittances to their families living in the Philippines.