Where to get Australian Visa

Anyone interested to go to Australia for any reason is obliged to obtain a visa to enable him/her to enter the country. As most people know, a visa is a legal document that allows a non-citizen to enter or leave a country or territory with the permission of its immigration agency.

Obtaining this document is not as difficult as some people believe if only you know where to get Australian visa legally and quickly.

Major Australian visa types

There are several types of Australian visas available for people depending on their reasons or purposes. For people who wanted simply to travel, visit some relatives, or tour the country, a tourist visa is an ideal choice. This type of visa will allow you to stay in the country from three to six months or up to one year.

A partner or spouse visa is granted to people who are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian. This applies not only to male and female relationships but also to same sex marriages. This type of visa enables the applicant to stay in the country for a longer period of time, and also gives him/her a chance to apply for permanent residency in the future.

For people who wanted to work and live in Australia, the working visa is the appropriate visa type to get. The working visa has subclasses and depending on your situation, you can apply for the visa that is suited to your purpose or situation. The employer-sponsored skilled visa allows skilled people to work in the country as nominated by an employer.  Professionals and other skilled workers may also stay in the country and work through the General Skilled Migration program.  Businessmen who wanted to set up businesses in Australia can also get a visa that will allow them to work and live in the country.

People who wanted to enroll and study in Australian schools can also get a student visa which will enable them to stay in the country for the whole duration of their study.


The requirements for the application of an Australian visa vary, depending on the type of visa, as each visa type has its own set of qualifications. But as a general requirement, all visa types require applicants to undergo medical examination and character background check. To ensure that you get a legitimate visa, try to consult only with credible and experienced visa assistance agencies.