What to do in Australia?

You can freely enjoy the Land of Oz after you complete your important duties in the Australian airport. Don’t worry, the tasks are not that hard but they are very important especially if you are an Australian visa holder.

Upon arrival at the Australian airport, you must proceed to the immigration desk and present your passport with visa or an authority to enter Australia. Without a legal travel document you may be delayed or worse, not allowed to enter Australia.

When you are cleared at the immigration desk, you may claim your baggage. Your baggage will be checked by Customs and Border Protection or Quarantine officers. If you have items that are prohibited or restricted in Australian grounds, it shall be confiscated by the Australian Customs. For more info about prohibited and restricted imports, visit Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. (http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4369.asp)

After passing Australian Customs you can now meet and greet your family or friends at the arrival halls.

If you are not an Australian Tourist Visa holder, here are things you should prioritize after passing immigration and customs:

  • 1. Apply for a Tax File Number
  • 2. Register with Medicare
  • 3. Open a bank account
  • 4. Register with Centrelink
  • 5. Register for English Classes
  • 6. Enroll your Children in School (if you have children)
  • 7. Apply for a Driver’s License

After doing these things, you can now enjoy your new life in Australia!

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