What is Tourist Visa Australia?

tourist visaTraveling is one of the best forms of recreational activities. With traveling, you will not only visit amazing places but you can also experience adventure and meet new friends. Traveling allows you to experience the things you see on television or read in books. It helps you acquire new knowledge.

Thus, traveling can be your powerful tool for personal growth and development. Sometimes going to a distant land can allow you to know yourself better. Traveling can give you the opportunity to commune with your innermost being, to contemplate on the things that you have done on your past and to make good plans for your future. Traveling can allow you to step out from your own shell and expand your horizon.

Some individuals who have the means prefer to travel to a foreign country, because it can give them the privilege to discover other cultures, dig some fragments of history and study different languages. One of the favorite tourists destinations of foreign nationals is Australia. It’s natural resources and modern structures attract more tourists to visit this place.

But before you can visit Australia for recreational and tourism purposes, you must be a holder of tourist Visa Australia. A tourist visa Australia is a document that allows you to enter and stay in Australia for tourism, holiday vacation and recreational purposes.

There are numerous types of tourist visa Australia that you can avail of :

Electronic Travel Authority
Also known as short stay tourist Visa or subclass 601, an ETA tourist Visa is intended for travelers who intend to visit Australia for a period of not more than three months.

eVisitors Visa
Also known as subclass 651, it is a type of Tourist Visa Australia that allows its holders to visit Australia for business or tourism purposes, for a maximum period of three months. This can be availed of by citizens of European Countries who are outside Australia.

Visitor Visa
A visitor Visa also known as subclass 600, allows its holders to remain in Australia for a period of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Applicants can avail of this visa within and outside Australia. An application for an e600 tourist visa can be availed of online by some qualified business travelers.

Tourist visa Australia (Subclass 676)
Tourist Visa Australia under subclass 676, is a temporary visa which gives privilege to its holders to remain in Australia for a period of 3 months, six months and even up to twelve months. This can be availed of within and outside Australia. Some tourists are qualified to apply online for this type of visa.

Extending Stay
If you intend to stay longer in Australia, you have to obtain another visa. If you intend to remain in Australia for recreational or tourism purposes to visit your friends and relatives, you can avail of a visitor visa.

As a holder of a working holiday visa or a visitor visa, you can only extend your stay in Australia provided that the total duration of your stay will not exceed 12 months. However, any further visa if granted shall cease the validity of any ETA or visa currently held and the privileges attached to that ETA or visa.