What is the genuine and GTE requirement for the Australian student visa?

Students who wish to go to Australia to study must be able to meet the requirements set by law to be granted a visa. These include, among others, that the applicant must be both a genuine student and a genuine temporary entrant (GTE).

By genuine student, it means the applicant must have the true intention to finish or succeed in his/her studies which he/she may accomplish by having the language skills, the educational as well as the material background. To qualify as genuine student, an applicant must have passed the English language proficiency test, has financial capacity, and must comply with the age and academic requirements as well as visa conditions. As required in other visas, applying for a student visa will also entail that you comply with the medical and character requirements, which you can obtain from official and government-recognized agencies.

On the other hand, the genuine temporary requirement (GTE) was introduced in 2011 by the Australian government to boost the integrity of the Australia student visa scheme at the same time ease up the visa requirements for international student visa applicants.

While most people see this as an obstacle for applicants to obtain a visa, on the contrary, the GTE requirement has made the process less complicated and faster. It helped identify unscrupulous applicants or those who are using the visa program for other purposes such as work other than its original purpose. In this way, legitimate and qualified students have better chances to get a visa and study in the country.

Assessing the genuineness

To ensure the genuineness of  GTE applicants, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) takes into consideration the following factors:

  • – The applicant’s immigration history which often determines if the applicant will return or remain in Australia
  • – The student’s circumstances in his home country
  • – How the applicant sees the value of education to his future
  • – The student’s potential condition in Australia
  • – Other related factors

In determining this, student visa applicants are often interviewed by immigration officers to ensure that they qualify for the GTE.

Studying in Australia may not be as easy, especially if you are not familiar with the complexities of the visa program being offered by the government. However, you can make things easier if you seek the assistance of visa experts who can provide you with information regarding the Australian student visa.

Another way, you can also visit the official website of the Australian immigration as a good and reliable resource for your queries.