What is an Australian Visa?

A visa allows its holders to travel to a foreign country and a request for entry is made to the host country. In some cases, visas are rubber-stamped or affixed within a passport, while in some instances; they can be issued on a separate paper.

However in these modern days when internet usage is an integral aspect in everyday transactions, an emerging number of countries issue visas electronically, therefore nothing can be physically seen.

Depending on the laws or legal system of a foreign country, the visa can be the legitimate basis for entering and exiting the country. In the case of the state of Australia, the Australian Government requires any person who intends to enter their country for whatever reasons to become a legitimate visa holder. To provide you with some pertinent information on what is an Australian Visa, let us first discuss some important aspects of a Visa.

What is An Australian Visa?

Its holders the authorization or right to enter and stay in Australia for legitimate reasons. The length of its validity or duration will depend on the type of visa that you wish to avail.

Importance of Australian Visa

Aside from authorization to enter and travel in Australia, an Australian visa is important for the following reasons :

Identity Verification

The procedure involved in the application, gives the Immigration Department the opportunity to check and verify the identity of the applicant before his arrival in Australia.  A background investigation is important to check the economic, character, health as well as the criminal background of the applicant.

In case the applicant does not pass the stringent background test, the consular department can refuse the entry of the applicant in Australia.

Immigration Control

For protecting the security and interest of Australia, it is necessary for the Australian Government to monitor who enters Australia.  With issues on terrorism, economics and overpopulation, it is important for the Australian government to control the number of foreign visitors who can enter Australia, the duration of stay, and the activities they can do such as study and work.


Its important in order for the Australian Government to determine who are qualified to permanently reside in Australian borders. It  also helps the immigration department to decide whether a permanent resident is eligible  for Australian Citizenship or not.


If a foreign national would like to work in Australia, permission from the Australian government is needed. It allows the Australian government to ascertain whether the applicant has the unique skills and capabilities that are not found among its citizens.

What Visa Do I Need?

There are different kinds of Australian visas that allow you to enter and visit Australia. It is essential that you hold the appropriate visa which covers your intended purpose and length of visit.

  • • If you want to visit Australia for purposes of recreation and vacation you can avail of a tourist visa.
  • • If you intend to take a post graduate course like a masters or a doctorate degree, you can avail of a student visa.
  • • If you would like to find a lucrative job in Australia and have a good career, you can avail of a skilled visa.
  • • If you decided to permanently live in Australia and have a fresh start, you can apply for a migration visa.
  • • If asked on what is an Australian Visa, I would simply say that is not just a stamped marked nor a piece of document, but a key towards a better future and a more progressive life.