What are the Australian Tourist Visa Requirements?

Travel to AustraliaAmong all types of Australian Visas, Tourist Visa consistently received the most number of applicants every year. Thus, it only means that there are a lot of aspiring temporary entrants who long to visit Australia.

Indeed, who does not want to visit this country? Australia is considered as the smallest continent in the world and, at the same time, as the sixth largest country by land area. Undoubtedly, there are numerous places to visit. Fascinating landscapes, astonishing species of fauna and flora, amazing subtropical rain forests, astounding heritage sites and breathtaking white beaches are just some of the attractions Australians are proud of.

With these several exciting reasons to visit Australia, some of you might be wondering how to enter this country. Apply for a Tourist Visa to Australia. This type of visa enables a foreign individual to enter the country several times for up to three months for the purpose of tourism, and other accredited purposes under this visa category. An interested applicant must comply to the Australian Tourist Visa Requirements to be an accredited temporary entrant.

The following are the Australian Tourist Visa Requirements:

1. Identification Proofs.

The most common document requested for the purpose of identification is your birth certificate. A passport, is also used as a reference for your identification although it is not detailed as compared to your birth records.

2. Valid Passport.

In order to travel abroad, one must have a valid passport. However, a passport does not entitle a holder to enter another country. Normally, it just entitles holders to return to their home country from which the passport is issued. Also, whenever you’re in your home country or in a particular foreign country, public and private organizations will ask for your passport. It serves as their reference for your identification and nationality.

3. Medical Certificate.

All applicants must produce a medical certificate assuring the fact that they are physically fit to travel and free from any contagious disease.

4. Proof of Sufficient Funds or Financial Capability.

Traveling abroad is costly, especially when you want to maximize your stay and experience. It is also the reason why the Australian Embassy requires applicants to provide them a copy of the applicant’s Income Statements, Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements. These documents are necessary for authorities for them to determine that you’re financially capable of supporting yourself during your stay.

5. Proof that you’re going back to your home country.

Student applicants must provide a certificate of enrollment and employees aiming to be granted an Australian Tourist Visa must provide a certificate of employment. The government uses these document as a proof that you’re not going to be an illegal immigrant in their country. Employment and education for the Australian Government, thus, are valid reasons for Tourist Visa holders to return to their home country.

6. Record showing that you’re free from criminal records.

One of the most important Australian Tourist Visa requirements is Police clearance. For the country’s safety, the embassy obligates applicants to provide a copy of a document that will assure authorities that you’re free from any criminal offense in your home country. Its one big factor they consider before granting a visa to an applicant.

7. Other documents requested by the Australian authorities.

In special circumstances, the embassy requires an applicant to provide additional documents like a letter of invitation from the friend or family member they intend to visit in Australia. If not applicable, you should still produce all of the Australian Tourist Visa requirements because only additional documents vary and is still dependent on the applicant’s case.