Visit Your Relatives With Family Visa

Filipinos value family relationship. Even immediate and extended family members have close family ties. However, due to financial constraints some Filipinos are forced to work in Australia and leave their respective families just to fulfill their needs. Good thing, there is an Australian Family Visa which allows Filipinos to work in Australia and bring their relatives with them.

The family migration program in Australia allows qualified persons to sponsor their relatives in applying for a family visa. The categories for family visa Australia are: child visa, partner visa, parent visa, aged parent visa and remaining relative visa. Each type of visa entails different requirements and should meet the standard set by the Department of Immigration.

Australian Family Migration Stream

This program aims to reunite extended and immediate family family members with their Australian relatives. Applicants who wish to migrate under the family migration scheme must be sponsored by a close family relative who is an Australian permanent resident, Australian Citizen, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen, who must be at least eighteen years of age.

The New Zealand Citizen Family visa permits New Zealand Citizens to accompany their relatives who are non-New Zealand Citizens to travel and live in Australia.

The remaining relative visa permits individuals to join their remaining relatives such as parents, brothers or sisters who normally reside in Australia.

Australian Child Visa

The child visa permits the parents to sponsor their children or stepchildren to migrate to Australia under special circumstances. The requirements for sponsorship of a natural child are slightly different to the requirements for a step child.

3 kinds of child visa:

  • – Dependent Child Visa
  • – Orphan Relative Visa
  • – Adoption Visa

Australian Parent Visa

This type of visa allows parents to join their children who is an Australian Citizen, New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Australian resident to migrate to Australia and join their children.

Depending on the circumstances, there are three kinds of Australian Parent Visa:

  • – Contributory Parent Visa (migrant)
  • – Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary)
  • – Parent Visa – (permanent)

These kinds of family visa have the common requirements such as medical clearance, proof of financial capability. birth certificates, and other proof of identification. It is also mandated that the applicants should be physically fit, should not have a criminal as well as derogatory record.

Applying for an Australian Visa is easy and hassle free, it only requires timely application and strict compliance with the requirements. Having an Australia family visa can allow you to work in Australia without severing close family ties.