Visit and Love the Kangaroo Island

Australia is the perfect place to visit when you want your vacation to be memorable. Aside from its outstanding tourism and boosting economy, Australia is the best place to come to for an extraordinary nature experience. One of the most popular places in Australia is the Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island sounds like a nickname for the country but it is actually an island in the southern part of Australia. It is Australia’s third-biggest country after Tasmania and Melville Island. This place is the home of memorable adventures and experiences.

Here are reasons why you would love to visit the Kangaroo Island more than its kangaroos:

  • 1. Mount Thisby. Going up Mount Thisby, also known as Prospect Hill, will give you a 360-degree view of the whole Kangaroo Island. Don’t worry, it isn’t like climbing Mt. Everest. It’s a hill. Imagine yourself going up that hill to watch the sunrise and finding the sights and wonders that you will be visiting on the island.
  • 2. Wildlife. Seal Bay is a natural conservation park is the home for one of Australia’s largest Sea Lion colony. You can watch the seals from a special constructed platform or take a guided tour to have a rare opportunity to get close and personal with the lovely animals. The Seal Bay is a perfect place to have fun with your family. The Kangaroo also has a petting zoo, Parndana Wildlife Park, which will give you the opportunity to feed the kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas. It sure is a fun experience! Bring the kids with you to the Kangaroo Island and have a fun and memorable experience with the lovely wild.
  • 3. Food. The food in Kangaroo Island is purely sublime. From its luscious seafood, pure sheep cheese, different wines, lobster burgers, and its organic honey, Kangaroo Island is a haven for the travelling foodie. Kangaroo Island’s Farm Gate and Cellar Door Trail will be your guide in dining within the island. You will be able to relax, feast, and enjoy the view in Kangaroo Island.
  • 4. Adventure. This island is the home that will get you going. From hiking Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Cape du Couedic coastal cliff top to a Quad-bike tour at Vivonne Bay. This island is pack of places to go for an adventure. Have you been to the Sahara dessert? Well, Kangaroo Island’s got a mini version of it. Want to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat? Kangaroo Island’s the home for Marine Adventures. Kangaroo Island will redefine your understanding of an adventure!
  • 5. Comfortable Home. Southern Ocean Lodge is one of the main reasons why people visit the Kangaroo Island. Situated atop a secluded cliff, this lodge gives you an exquisite and breath-taking view of the Kangaroo Island. The beautiful view isn’t the only thing that attracts tourist but the accommodation and hospitality. You will have the best, relaxing, and memorable get-away in this wonderful lodge.

Kangaroo Island has more to offer since it is the home of an abundant and beautiful wildlife. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself; apply for an Australian visa and go on an adventure with your family in Australia or have a romantic private get-away with your loved one.

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