Visit the Beautiful Beaches of Australia during the Christmas Season

Experience a different kind of Christmas in Australia. Swim in the beautiful beaches of the country and have a fun-filled Christmas! No worries though because Australia’s summer season starts from December to February! Spend your Christmas on the beach, surfing the waves and enjoying the warm weather.

NOTE: Unless the visitor is eligible for an ETA, the visitor must apply for an Australian visa, specifically an Australian Tourist Visa.

So what beaches should you visit when you are in Australia?

1. Cable Beach, Broome, Western Ozcable beach
Why? Because Cable Beach is the picture perfect place to describe the words memorable and romantic. Hold hands with your sweetheart while walking and watching the sunset beyond the horizon, where the sea and sky meet.

2. Mandalay Beach, WAmandalay bay
Why? Because if you enjoy an adventure before going to an isolated beach, you will enjoy visiting Mandalay Beach. The location of the beach is described to be different than other beaches in Australia. You’ll get a bonus sight of the skeleton of a Norwegian ship once the tides are low.

3. Pirates Bay, Tasmaniapirates bay
Why? Because Pirates Bay is the perfect place for an unconventional beach experience. The pirates’ bay has a rocky coastline but is a popular surfing destination of Aussies. The beach is also named as one of the Australia’s 10 best destinations because of its good sea conditions.

75 mile beach

4. 75 Mile Beach, Frasier Island
Why? Because it’s the World’s Largest Sand Island. This long beach is popular among visitors especially a section called “Champagne Pools”. This long sand bar is worth the visit if you are really into long walks at the beach.

5. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Whitsundayswhitehaven beach
Why? Because it is the most beautiful beach you will ever be in. This beach sand is unlike any other since it has silica sand – the extremely high-purity form of sand. It really looks like a haven for a tourist.

What are you waiting for? Get ahead of your plans for Christmas and apply for an Australian Visa today to have a fun and awesome Christmas.