Visa Services

International Australian Visa Services provides professional end to end migrations services to its clients here and abroad. Our services cover a wide range of visa categories such as Philippine Visa, Australian Visa, and other types of international visa, it include:

1. All major Australian Visas

A. Immigrant Visas
    • I. Partner Visas (Fiancee, Spouse, De Facto)
    • II. Family Visas (Child, Parent)
    • III. Other Family Visas (Carers, Remaining Relatives)
B. Non Immigrant Visas
    • I. Tourist
    • II. Business
    • III. Student
    • IV. Medical

2. Other International Visas

A. Americas
      • I. USA
      • II. Canada
B. Schengen participating countries
    • I. USA
    • II. Canada
    • III. UK, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
    • IV. Ireland
    • V. Asia
      • i. China
      • ii. Japan
      • iii. South Korea

3. Philippine Visa and Immigration services

A. 9a (Tourist) Extension
B. 9g (Commercial) Visa- Working
C. Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)
D. Exit Clearances

4.DFA Passport and NSO Services

A. Courtesy Lane Appointment
B. Birth Certificate
C. Marriage Certificate
D. Death Certificate
E. Certificate of No Marriage