Visa Options to Help You Migrate to Australia

migrate to australia

People who wish to migrate to Australia and stay in the country permanently have various options to choose from. Partners or fiancés, children, parents, and relatives or family members of an Australian citizen are qualified to apply for visa and make the initial step towards becoming a permanent Australian resident. Family members of skilled workers and businessmen who are in Australia can also qualify for migration.

Depending on their personal circumstances, applicants can choose from any of the categories and apply for the visa that is suited for their qualifications.

A partner or fiancé of an Australian citizen is eligible to migrate to Australia through the partner or spouse visa category. This applies to couples who are already married to an Australian, de facto partners and those who are planning to be married.

An Australian citizen or anyone who is a permanent resident of Australian may also petition his parents to enable them to go or migrate to Australia. It also applies children, orphaned children, and children who were legally adopted by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

People who do not belong to these classes can also be eligible to migrate to Australia if they are aged family members or the last relatives of a permanent resident or citizen. People who wish to go to Australia to take care of an ailing relative can also apply for a carer visa and be allowed to stay in the country.

Other than this, family members of those who seek asylum in Australia are also qualified to go to the country using the overseas humanitarian program option granted by the government.

Families of skilled workers and professionals who are permanent residents of the country can also migrate to Australia provided they meet the requirements set by immigration. This also applies to businessmen who had established their businesses in Australia under the investor visa category.

Migrating to another country like Australia entails a lot of paperwork. To have a worry-free stay in the country, you have to anticipate problems and prepare everything. This includes checking and completing your financial and taxation requirements as well as legal problems, if any, before you set off. As an advice, it may be better to open bank accounts.

To have a smoother transition, you may also need to keep a list of relatives, friends and other contacts in Australia who can help in your adjustment to your new home. They can also guide you in your travel plans.

Lastly, you must secure all important documents and pertinent papers and keep them in a safe place where you can access them anytime. These include birth certificates, passports, marriage licenses, employment records, school records as well as medical test results.