Verifying Your Student Visa Requirements

Australian student

Most sociologists believe that the 3 basic needs of man include food, shelter and clothing. Like these basic needs, education is also a necessity. Education helps us acquire values and knowledge essential in our daily living. It is our knowledge and education that makes us distinct from other individuals. With proper education, we can easily earn the respect of other individuals.

With a good and quality education, we can be assured that we can easily find a lucrative job and have a good future. With proper knowledge, we can bring a positive change in our society, and become instruments for the reformation of our nation. However, a quality education can only be attained by studying in reputable schools and universities.

Australia is well known for its reputable schools and good education. In a list / data released by Times Higher Education, it was revealed that for the year 2012, five of the famous universities in Australia were included in the world’s top 100 universities. University of Melbourne ranked on the 42nd, Australian National University on the 44th, University of Sydney on the 50th, the University of Queensland on the 71st.  This can only be one of the reasons why yearly, a number of people comply with Australian student visa requirements to finish basic education or to take post graduate courses in Australia.

But if you wish to enroll in Australia you must first obtain your visa. The procedure of application varies on which country you would like to apply. Some students residing in other countries avail their visa and comply with student visa requirements with the aid of a duly authorized Australian education agent.

An Australian visa is granted by DIAC also known as the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It will only approve your application for a visa, if you will enroll on a full time basis and your desired course is a duly registered or enlisted course. The basic student visa requirements that you must comply with, when applying for a visa are the following:

4 passport size picturesPassportConfirmation letter or notice of enrollmentPapers or documents evidencing sufficient incomeOfficial school records or transcript Cost of Visa An application fee of $535, is one of the student visa requirements that you should comply with.The said amount is non refundable. Fees and charges are not applicable to students who are sponsored by the Commonwealth-approved programs, students under secondary school exchange programs or students affected by closure of their respective education providers.

$75 For Working Rights

Student applicants who are granted on or prior to April 26, 2008, have automatic working rights.The said right is already included in the $535 application fee.

But if your visa was granted prior to this date, you need to pay for an additional $75 for your working rights.The said $75 is one of the indispensable student visa requirements that you need to comply with, otherwise you will not have the privilege to work in Australia.

Visa Processing for students of higher education

Applicants who lodge their respective visa applications accompanied by a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) in a doctorate, masters or bachelors level shall be assessed, regardless of their nationality, with lower migration risks. This assessment is similar with Assessment Level 1.

Streamlined Visa Processing

The Streamlined visa processing (SVP) is created for a faster and easier visa access for foreign students applying in affiliated colleges and universities. There are a number of universities participating in streamline visa processing, and affiliated educational programs. They will inform you of the student visa requirements that you need to comply with.

If you file your application with a Confirmation of Enrollment (COE) for Doctorate, Bachelor or Masters program from a university or college participating in SVP, you can benefit from lesser student visa requirements; you can also expect a faster processing.