Unleash Your Skills with Skilled Visa

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Australia is not only a popular tourist destination, it is also well known for its surging economy and excellent employment opportunities. While some people visit Australia to travel and have a vacation, a number of people migrate to Australia in order to find a lucrative job, establish a good career and permanently settle.

The current unemployment rate in Australia is only 4.5%. Such number is a clear indication of the enormous employment opportunities in Australia.

With the enormous industries that you can find in Australia such as information and   technology, finance, mining, agricultural and telecommunications industry, it is really possible that you can easily find a job that matches your qualifications. Furthermore, the tax rates imposed by the Australian Government are very reasonable. Australian salaries are competitive and attractive. You can certainly find a good job, support the needs of your family and enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Any person who wishes to work in Australia and permanently settle should avail of a skilled visa.  A Skilled Visa is a type of visa that gives its holders the privilege to work, live and sponsor their families in Australia.

There are different categories of a skilled visa:

Subclass 189

Visa subclass 189 replaces the 885 and 175 visas. This type of skilled visa is appropriate for skilled workers who are not nominated nor sponsored by their employers, family member or their state.

Holders of this visa have the privilege to work and live permanently in Australia. Specific family members who meet the qualifications can be included in the application.

Any person who wishes to avail this type of visa must comply with certain requirements such as submit a letter of intent, should have an occupation relevant to the skilled occupation list, should possess appropriate skills suited for the occupation, should comply with English Language requirements, should have a score of 60 points test and should meet character and health requirements.

Visa Subclass 190 Or Skilled Nominated Visa

This type of visa is specifically intended for skilled workers who are sponsored or nominated by their respective states or native land. The holders of this type of skilled visa are entitled to work and live permanently in Australia. Specific qualified family members can also be incorporated in the application.

Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489

The skilled regional visa replaced subclasses 487 and 475 visas. This skilled visa has a four years or 48 months validity period, commencing from the date of visa approval. Holders of this visa are allowed to work and live in a specific regional area in Australia. For holders who are nominated or sponsored by the government must reside in regions that have low population growth.

Apply for your skilled visa now and give yourself a chance to find a good job, establish a career, provide a good life to your family and permanently settle in Australia.