Top 10 Misconceptions when Applying for a Spouse Visa in Australia

married couple

It is a mere fact that your spouse is the most important individual in your life.  Any issue that has something to do with your spouse is actually one thing that will signal your nerves to worry.  This is quite true when it comes to immigration.  There are certain guidelines that you should adhere to when filling a spouse visa for Australian immigration.  This post attempts to clear several misconceptions concerning you spouse visa application in Australia.

1. It is mandatory to have a joint bank account.

This is probably one of the most common postulations that applicants usually think of.  Documents pertaining to a joint bank account are not the only evidence that could prove that your relationship is genuine.  A joint bank account is an added advantage but not necessarily a requirement.

2. Applications for spousal visa are a cake walk.

It is not a mandatory requirement to consult an immigration specialist if you want to have your spousal visa application approved as soon as possible.  You have your own will and you are free to file your spouse visa on your own although it will be less hassle if you are to seek the advice of an immigration specialist.  Remember that spousal visa applications are always of equal magnitude.

3. Never take anything easily. 

If you are an Australian citizen, it doesn’t give you the free right to get an approved visa for your spouse.  The visa can only be granted only upon proving that your relationship is genuine.

4. Personally apply and you obtain a fast track visa.

This is definitely a misconception!  If you apply for a visa on your own, it will take you about 4-6 months or even a year until you hear a reply from the High Commission of Australia.  On the one hand, a specialist can help you speed up your application as this person has a great network of connections who he can get in touch with for certain purposes.

5. Your spouse visa will be granted after an earlier application denial. 

This is a false statement!  If your earlier application was denied, applying for a plea or another fresh one would only mean another visa rejection.  You will even be asked for additional proofs to prove your genuine relationship.

6. Minimal documentation will be enough.

Your documents are of primary importance.  Submitting incomplete documents for your visa application would only mean visa denial.

7. Married statuses as well as living together are essential criteria. 

Both of these are true and are equally important.  With reference to the Australian law, couples must be married legally or is having a genuine relationship for at least one year prior to the visa application.

8. Visas are given only for genuine relationships. 

This is absolutely not true!  Your visa officer might have one of those instances where he overlooks all the documents and in rare cases may be biased over the decision of an approved visa.

9. Any consultant is capable of having your spouse visa approved.

This statement is actually incorrect.  There might be cases where you will encounter fraudulent consultants who will only rob your money.  Be sure to select a credible consultant to assist you in your spousal visa application.

10. Hiring an immigration specialist is a waste of resources!

This waste of money is your one way ticket to having an approved Australian visa.  So it is only right to spend those extra cash while saving more time and resources just to get things approved in due time.