Tips on Traveling alone in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful an friendliest places to go on an adventure when you are travelling alone – especially if it’s your first time to travel alone. Australia has beautiful cities and natural parks that are worthy of a visit. Unless you are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), you will have to apply for a Tourist visa to be able to travel alone in this adventure-filled country. But don’t let the visa-applying process put you off. It’s actually easy to obtain a visa if you’re only going there for a vacation. So once you have your visa approved, you can start preparing for your solo trip to Oz.

But what are the things you need to know when going solo? Here are the top 3 popular advice that are proven to be convenient when you are travelling alone.

  • 1. Pack Light. This isn’t a surprise since you won’t be travelling with a buddy; you will be travelling alone. And in our generation, everyone tries to pack light even if they don’t need to or have to. A good example of light packers would be backpackers, people who stay weeks or a month in travelling from one place to another with a backpack only. No strollers, just one big backpack.
  • Here are the usual things backpackers put in their bags:
  • A week’s clothes or less. You are going on a trip and not a fashion show, so it wouldn’t really matter if you are wearing the same shirt for two days. Choose clothes that are weather-appropriate and comfy. You can’t bring sandals during winter time in Australia. This is a practical way of packing light since most of your luggage will contain clothes. Always keep in mind that more baggage will be a heavy luggage.
  • Medicine. Especially if you have prescribed medications, but other pills can be bought at local drugstores and wouldn’t cost more than $10.
  • Toiletries. This is optional since you won’t be sleeping on the streets, unless that’s your original plan. Most hostels and mini-hotels have toiletries and towels provided so you won’t have to bring towels and sachets of shampoo and soap.
  • Important documents and gadgets. Keep your passport, money and important documents in a water-proof envelope. Your passport contains the proof that you applied for an Australian visa, and that you are not illegally roaming the country. Keep your documents close. Waterproof cases are your friend whenever you’re going on an adventure.
  • 2. Don’t be shy. How else will you be enjoying your solo travel if you won’t push yourself to go on a hike, eat alone, meet new friends, swim with the dolphins, and eat lobster burgers? Australians are friendly people and they know Australia more than you do – so asking for a little help won’t hurt. Meeting new people in a place you are a stranger to is quite an experience, you’ll get to learn a lot and experience a lot. So don’t be shy. Push yourself and enjoy Australia.
  • 3. Document. Write about your travel and take pictures or videos of places you have been to. People might look at you for taking a picture of your feet stepping on Oz soil but its okay; it’s your vacation so make the most of it. Capture places or events as many as possible, not because you’re bragging of going on a trip to Oz but because you want to create memories.

Travelling alone might sound easy and exciting but it is also scary. But don’t let your nervous feeling get the best of you in your adventure. Now that you know the basics of travelling alone, you can explore Australia now and get intimate with the land down under.