Tips For Australian Visa Application

visa applicationThe increasing number of Australian Visa application is an indication of the emerging number of Filipinos who apply for Australian visa. They believe that it is the best way to fulfill their Australian Dream. Australian Visa application font>

With the emerging number of unemployed Filipinos, many Filipinos are enticed to avail of Australian Visa. Likewise, the office of Philippine Overseas Employment Administration is encouraging Filipinos to take advantage of the emerging job opportunities particularly for skilled workers and nurses.

According to the report of Philippine Overseas Labor, there is a shortage for nurses in Australia. It is estimated that there will be a total of 40,000 available positions for nurses for the next three years. For the next twenty years, it estimated that there will be a shortage of 750,000 workers for the construction industry.

With the skillfulness of Filipino Workers, it is not surprising why there are thousands of Filipinos who are granted an Australian working visa annually.

Aside from from working visa, there are other types of Australian visa available for aspiring applicants: student visa, migration visa, skilled visa and tourist visa.

For a speedy Australian Visa Application, it is essential to determine first the type of visa that suits your needs. Each type of visa entails different requirements and has different processing periods.

Hiring the services of a good migration company is another factor that can affect your Australian Visa Application. That’s why it is really essential to hire the services of a reputable company.

The processing fee for Australian Visa application will also depend on the type of visa a person intends to avail. For student visa, the cost is $ 535, visitor visa – $115, for temporary work visa (short stay under sub class 400) – $145, for resident return visa – $ 300.

The processing period for Australia visa application will also vary on the type of visa . The processing period for a permanent visa usually takes 6-9 months, while a temporary visa normally takes at least 3-4 weeks.

The case officer will notify applicants about the status or decision of the embassy. In case of approval, applicants will receive a visa grant notice. In case of denial, applicants will receive a decision record which states the grounds for the denial and requirements the applicants failed to meet. In case the denial can be appealed, the applicant will be advised of available remedies.