Temporary Work Visa: Understanding Subclass 400

The new Australian Visa is for individuals who are living outside Australia who want to experience working in Australia for a short time. This temporary visa allows its holder to stay up to three months; the visa holder must work in Oz within the validity period of three months, if you plan to stay more than 3 months then you must apply for subclass 457.

Subclass 400 allows internationals to enter Oz to engage in doing “short-term, highly specialised, and non-ongoing work; participating in event(s) on a non-ongoing basis at the invitation of an Australian organisation; participate in an activity or work-relating to Australia’s interests”.

To be eligible for this visa you must:

  • 1. Prove that the event you will be participating at is short-term and not ongoing
  • 2. Show that you are financially ready and able to support yourself
  • 3. Show that you have a legit Australian company or organisation to work at or have invited you to work
  • 4. Meet the health requirements
  • 5. Have the skills and experience that will be of use to the Australian business
  • 6. “Are required in Australia for exceptional circumstances of national importance, such as to assist following a natural disaster.”

Once your visa is granted, the embassy or immigration department will inform you what your visa grant number is, when can you use the visa, and what are your visa conditions.

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