How to Study in Australia?

Australia is one of the best places to study. Why? Because Australia is one of the most dynamic and colourful countries in the world. The diversity and multiculturalism in Australia makes the country the best destination for students to pursue their education because students experience and learn how to deal and live with different people in an educational view and personal view.

Australia is the third (3rd) most known destinations for international students to study. The country has seven (7) of the best and top universities in the world. Australia offers excellent vocational and technical education to its students. And provides students – whether foreign or local – an opportunity to experience employment and put to practice what they have studied in their institutions. Studying in Australia is really promising.

To study in Australia as a foreign student, you must have an Australian student visa. The said Australian visa is issued to applicants who were accepted/ invited to enroll to a registered course. To find out more about Student Visas, you may visit our student visa page, email us at or call us at (02) 5219484 or (045) 3040384.

So now, how do you start your application to study in Australia?

1. Choose your course and institution.

    Australian universities are well known in the following areas:

    • • Arts and Humanities
    • • Clinical, Pre-Clinical
    • • Engineering and Technology
    • • Life Sciences
    • • Physical Sciences
    • • Social Sciences

2. Check the requirements in applying for the course and corresponding student visa.

    Australia gives pride to their education system and the country is very strict when it comes to completing the application requirements. The applicant must meet the standards set by the Australian government to be able to study in Australia.
    * There are scholarships that can be applicable for international students.

3. Apply for the course online.

4. Receive an offer to study.

    After applying for the course online, you might receive an email confirming that the university or institution has received your application. The application process may take two to eight weeks depending on the course that you have applied for.
    If you receive a letter of offer, then you are invited to study in the university or institution. This also means that you have met their requirements; you can now enroll and apply for a student visa.
    **Before applying for the visa, you must confirm your enrollment to the uni or institution.

5. Apply for a Student visa.

    Most student visas allow its applicants to work part-time or full-time while studying in Australia. Australia provides working opportunities for students to put to practice what they are studying or have studied.
    Like other Australian visa applications, student visas have requirements that should be met as well. The applicant should be mindful of the records and documents he/she is supposed to submit. For more info about Student Visa requirements, you may refer to one of our blog posts or call our Manila office at (02) 521 9484 or Angeles Office at (045) 3040384.

6. Plan your future and Study hard in Australia.

    Now that you know how to apply for an education in Australia, you can jumpstart your application now! Always remember to be mindful and careful of your documents and records that you will be submitting to the university or institutions and the immigration. You are accountable for your own records and documents.

Go for a better future in Australia! Study in Australia now!