Student Visa Australia

study in australiaEducation is one of the most valuable assets that we can have. With adequate knowledge, we can maximize our potentials, develop our skills, and become effective members of our society. It is a great possession that cannot be measured by fame and wealth. It disregards financial stability and status in life.

Earning a college diploma opens the door to success and serves as a milestone in reaching our dreams. Education is a lifelong process which includes, theoretical understanding, formal instructions and application. Education is really an important aspect in our life, it makes us a distinctive member of our society.

For some people earning a degree or receiving a college diploma will not suffice. They still take post graduate courses like a masters or doctorate degree, while some even take further studies in a foreign land. One of the favorite destinations of foreign students who take post graduate courses is Australia.

Australia is known for universities and educational institutions that offer world class education manned by prominent lecturers. Anyone who intends to take a course in Australia must have an student visa Australia.

In obtaining for an Student Visa Australia, there are certain things that we must remember:

When Do I need An Australian Student Visa?
Any person enrolling as an international student on course study with a duration of more than 3 months must have a student visa.

What kind of Australian Student visa do I need?
Under subclass 574 can be availed by applicants who postgraduate programs by research. While An Australian Student Visa under subclass 573 are for people who wish to take a bachelor or an undergraduate course.

When can I apply?
You can apply for an Australian student visa after receiving a COE (Confirmation of Enrollment) from your chosen university. In order to have a COE, you must have a formal offer by your university, accepted it in writing, and made a deposit payment for your tuition fee.

An application for student can be done with a maximum period of 124 days prior to the start of your course.

Is there an age limit?
Student visa for Australia does not set any age limit for its applicants unlike the Holiday Visa.

Can I avail of a student I am already a holder of a Working Holiday Visa?
Your application for a working holiday visa will not affect your application for a student visa, the two schemes are entirely separate and distinct from each other.

What is the Cost of Student Visa Australia?
The application fee for student visa Australia is around AU$535, which must be immediately paid upon submission of application.

Validity of Student Visa Australia
The validity of Student Visa Australia last until the duration of your studies. It will also allow you to stay in Australia at the end of your chosen course. Its validity can range from a period of 1-3 months, it will also depend on the length of your course and the month it will end.

Processing Period for Student Visa Australia
The processing period varies, but you should wait for a period of four weeks. However, online applications are faster.

Work with Student Visa
Allows you to work in Australia up to forty hours during term and full time on holidays. Permission to work is automatically granted upon the issuance of a student visa. However, you are not allowed to start working until you have started with your course.