Russell Crowe’s application for Australian citizenship denied

russell crowe denied visa applicationCanberra – The Australian immigration has rejected the citizenship application of popular Hollywood Australian actor Russell Crowe due to alleged loopholes in complying with the requirements of the immigration department, news reports said.

Reports said the award-winning actor was not in the country in February 2001 when the government amended the laws regarding New Zealand immigrants. Crowe was also out of the country for more than 12 months before the two-year required period, sources said.

Reports said however that the Kiwi actor has two reasons for being uninformed of events. He was attending the BAFTA awards in 2001 when changes to immigration law were made. In another occasion, he was promoting two movies which kept him out of the country for almost a year.

As a result, he did not qualify for permanent citizenship under the Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (New Zealand citizens) Act 2001.

In a recent interview, Crowe however admitted his misgivings and hope the government would find a way for people like him to appeal their case.

“I know why the rules are in place and I understand and respect that, but there has to be some form of arbitration where you can state your case. These rules are not big enough to engage with the complexity of people’s lives,” the Gladiator actor remarked. (Photo from Wikipedia)