Rise in medical bills of Australian visa holders noted

medical bills visa holdersCanberra – Various state governments in Australia have noted an increased in medical bills as visa holders in the country flocked to medical facilities for their check-ups , which is a requirement for the granting of visas.

Reports said the state governments have also asked the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to find a solution and address the issue.

The immigration department has earlier reported that there were about 252,000 cases that were processed since last year and each month, the volume of people without Medicare have doubled in the last four years.

Under Australian immigration rules, a visa applicant must not be suffering from any disease or medical condition that may pose a medical risk to public health. The applicant must also be financially capable to pay and support his medical needs.

Last year, the government had lifted the financial limit for medical bills which allowed many sick or disabled immigrants to come into the country.

Many state governments have complained that visa holders have left unpaid bills in various public hospitals, which amount to $40 million, last year. The states have therefore asked DIAC  to check  if overseas workers, students, and tourists comply with the requirements.

DIAC said they are considering to make some changes, which includes a $100-levy to help pay for medical bills.