Reunite With Your Loved Ones With Family Visa

australian family

Our family members are the very first people who welcomed us on the first day of our existence. It is the very first environment that helped us cope in this physical world. Our family members are the people who inculcate to us values, perceptions and basis of actions. It is our family that molded us to become good individuals.

However due to pecuniary matters, some of our family members are forced to migrate and work in a foreign land. They work in a more economically stable country just to support the needs of their respective families. But living with our family in a foreign land is possible if we would just avail of a family visa.

Choosing a nation where we can permanently settle with our family is a major decision that we can render. We should take into consideration the economic stability, incidence of crime rate, education and employment opportunities.  By considering these factors, we can be assured of the safety and welfare of our family. Australia is a nation that has low incidence of crime rate, excellent employment opportunities and is well known for its reputable schools and universities. Living with your family in Australia could be possible by simply applying for Australian family visa .

Australian Family Visa

The Australian Family intends to reunite close or immediate family members as well as extended family members with their qualified Australian relatives. Applicants who wish to travel under the Family migration program should be supported or sponsored by a relative who is an Australian permanent resident, Australian citizen, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Australian Family Visa include:

A. Parent Visa – Aged:

This visa allows retired and aged parents to be sponsored or supported  by their children who are living in Australia.

B.  Parent Visa – Visa:

This visa allows parents to be sponsored by their children and to live with them permanently in Australia.

C. Prospective Marriage Visa :

This category of visa  enables partners to visit or travel to Australia to marry their Australian fiance.

D. Spouse Visa

This type of visa allows a same-sex partner, de facto partner or legal spouse   to be supported or sponsored by their Australian partner.

E. Remaining Relative Visa

This category of visa allows individuals to join their immediate relatives in Australia such as parents or siblings.

Our family members are the most important people in our lives. They are the reason for our existence. We should not allow pecuniary matters to separate us from them. We can still be reunited with our family, if we will help them apply for a visa.