Renew your Philippine Passport

Before applying for an Australian Visa, check you passports validity. Visa processing can take up a few months and if your visa is also a few months away, you should opt to renew it first.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has a Passport Appointment System that is enhanced and secures the passport holder – avoiding fraud passports or photos.

What are the general requirements for renewing your passport?

  • Passport
  • Confirmed Appointment – you will receive an email or confirmation after acquiring in the passport appointment system
  • Valid IDs or government issued IDs for proof of identity
  • Photocopies of valid or government issued IDs

The DFA does not require passport holders to submit a passport sized photo because they already have stations that will take your picture and print in on your new passport.
Remember to dress appropriately:

  • No shorts
  • No slippers
  • For ladies, wear business-like attire or blouse
  • For men, wear collared shirt or long sleeves

Avoid the hassle of renewing your passport while applying for an Australian Visa. Let your application be smooth and worry-free by being prepared and being ahead.