Reminders When Applying For a Student Visa in Australia

Australian student

Students from other countries who want to study in Australia have to apply for visa first before they can be allowed to go and pursue their courses in an Australian school or university.

But before one is granted a student visa, he must undergo a process of assessment for his pre-visa application.

The Australian immigration has set the criteria to be used for student visa applicants. These include the following:

  • Proof of enrollment – To be able to take a course in any Australian educational institution, student must be accepted for enrollment which can be validated by the Letter of Offer. This letter is issued to the student offering him enrollment in a full-time course.
  • Financial capability – Another requirement, a student must have a sponsor/sponsors who can show proof of their financial means in the form of cash funds or assets such as savings and fixed bank deposits which will be held for six months before the date of the pre-visa application.

Those who are qualified to become sponsor/ sponsors include the applicant, spouse, parents or grandparents.

Regarding the funds to be shown, the amount varies depending on the circumstances such as if the student is bringing in a spouse or if he has a scholarship. The cash assets that a sponsor must show may also increase if the student has dependents with him. It may also change depending on the course he is taking, whether it is an undergraduate course, a masters or doctorate degree or a diploma and vocational course.

  • English skills – A student must have a minimum level of language expertise by having an IELTS overall score of at least 6.0, except for Diploma course students who is only required to have a score of .5. The test is compulsory even to those who studied in English-speaking schools.
  • Possibility to break visa terms and conditions – In this case, an immigration officer may look for situations where the student may be force to return to his home country, thus breaking his commitments

The processing time for the granting of student visa often takes four to six weeks, depending on the circumstances of the student. The period will cover all the required time for review and assessment of the student as well the processing of documents and medical check-up.

Students willing to study in Australia are also required to have a health coverage, called the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which applies for the extent set for the student visa. Student visas are also allowed multiple entry to Australia, which is valid for its full period.