Recruitment Agencies Seek Special Working Holiday Visas for Au Pairs, Carers

special working visa

Canberra – Agencies involved in recruiting au pairs, carer, and nannies abroad have asked the Australian government to provide them with a new category of working holiday visas so that they can extend their stay for at least a year.

According to reports, the agencies will enable au pairs to stay and work longer as most of them who are holding working holiday visas are limited to stay only for six months to serve one family. This means  a family needs to find a new nanny or au pair once the six-month term expires.

Reports said that despite the high demand for au pairs in the country, many agencies recruiting au pairs abroad have turned down new clients  due to shortage. As a result, many families to take costly child care services.

The agencies are now trying to lobby for a special visa program that will be available only for au pairs and permit them to extend their employment with a family for up to one year.

The Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia said in a report that this will solve the problem of shortage in au pair as well as improve the condition of child care since families do not have to get new carers every six months.

An immigration spokesperson however said that there has been no action or proposed law on au pairs at present.