Reasons for Australian Student Visa Refusal

Australian Student Visas are one of the most popular Australian visa schemes offered by Australia. There are thousands of international students who can testify regarding the benefit and opportunity the visa scheme has given them. One reason is that Australia has one of the best educational systems. And the other is that the students are given the opportunity to work while studying. Unfortunately though, the student visa is seen by some as an opportunity to come in to the country in hopes of becoming a permanent resident of the country (no intention of studying at all).

Consular officers are faced with dishonest and abusive applicants as well, that is why they are very strict with the requirements to avoid approving student visas to dishonest people. But legitimate Australian student visa applicants are also affected because of the behaviour conducted by other abusive applicants.

We aim to help students who want to study in Australia get their student visa application approved. So here are the reasons why Australian Student Visas are refused.

  • 1. Failure to submit the requirements. The following below are the requirements needed when applying for a Student Visa
    1. a. Proof of financial status – you must be able to support yourself at least 3 months after arrival in Australia. You must show a proof that you will be able to pay your tuition fee, pay for travel and living expenses. Unless an employer is sponsoring you, you must comply and submit a proof of financial status.
    1. b. Complete Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
    1. c. Proof that you are accepted by an institution or university to study full-time.
    1. d. Health Requirements
    1. e. Academic records and history
  • 2. Forged Documents.
  • 3. Wrong documents. Omit mistakes by making sure that all information indicated in the requirements are correct. If in any case that you have included a wrong information by mistake, contact a consulate officer to amend the mistake or re-apply if possible.

Avoid issues and wrong practices; Double check your documents, and we guarantee you that your Student Visa will be approved.

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