Planned Virtual Reform in US to Affect Global Immigration

California – A proposed reform on US immigration law aimed at attracting tech professionals may affect the course of global immigration worldwide.

According to reports, U.S. tech honchos, including the former leaders of AOL and Mozilla, have been lobbying for reforms in the country’s immigration laws, which include giving more access for educated people and tech professionals to enter the U.S.

global migration

Immigration experts believed the proposed plan could affect immigration in other countries such as Australia, which is the top 3 destination for professionals and highly-skilled workers in the world today.

The tech leaders said the plan was in response to complaints from businesses on the difficulty of hiring tech workers and keeping them in the country.

They said the plan has the support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and his organization, the Partnership for a New American Economy.

The group said they aim to influence lawmakers by using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Part of the plan would include giving more visas for tech workers as well as new visa for entrepreneurs which other industrialized countries like U.K. and Australia have been doing.

The current U.S. law puts a limit to the number of immigrant workers in U.S. tech companies and has no clear program for new graduates to attract them to stay in the country.