Perks of an Australian Partner Visa

partner wedding

A partner visa is a type of visa offered to both married and de facto partners who wish to change their status relationship into a permanent one.  There are two types available in this visa: the provisional and the permanent visa.

The temporary visa is generally issued to a de facto spouse to allow her to enter and stay in Australia. It is valid for at least two years. The permanent partner visa, on the other hand, is given to a qualified applicant whose relationship has passed the two-year period and still continuing.

The partner visa is an entry visa which is only issued on the strength of one’s relationship with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of the country. Application for this visa type can be lodged either in Australia or in other countries abroad.

A de facto partner of an Australian may enter the country using a fiancé visa which is a temporary visa and may later apply for a permanent visa if eventually they decide to marry in Australia. On the other hand, anyone who is married to an Australian citizen may also apply for a partner visa to be able to stay and live in the country permanently.

Application for the provisional partner visa is subject to approval of immigration officials based on the applicant’s compliance with the requirements which include the one-year relationship requisite, submission of evidence that the relationship is genuine and on-going, among others. For this visa types, applicants are also required to undergo medical test by a medical institution recognized by Australia, as well as character clearance issued by the applicant’s home country.

Both these temporary and permanent visas have their advantages. The provisional visa allows an applicant to stay with her partner in the country while awaiting the decision for her permanent visa. She is also permitted to work and study during the period. She can also be entitled to receive federal medical benefits that include payment for hospitalization and treatment as well as Medicare.

On the other hand, a visa with permanent purpose will allow an applicant to stay and live in the country permanently and also gives her privilege to study or work in the country. A permanent visa will also permit her to enroll for the government medical assistance program including Medicare and hospitalization plans. It would also entitle her to receive social security pensions and most of all, to be given a chance to become an Australian citizen.