Partner Visa: How to prove your relationship is genuine?

Applying for an Australian Partner Visa, especially for Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300), requires a proof that your relationship is genuine and not faking it to bring the other to Australia. Aside from the requirement that the applicant’s partner is an Australian resident, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, the applicant must comply with the One-year relationship requirement and prove how long their relationship is with their fiancée, how it was developed, and how will they support each other financially.

So how do lovers prove their genuine relationship?

  • • Certified documents and certified copies of NBI Clearance, Marriage Certificate (if married). Do not provide unnecessary documents.
  • • Written statements by you and your partner regarding the proof of the history of your relationship:
    1. (a) how, when and where you and your fiancé/e met;
    1. (b) how the relationship was developed;
    1. (c) how to support financially;
    1. (d) how long were you separated from each other (if separation occurred, state also the reason of separation);
    1. (e) future plans. A statutory declaration may be used as well.
  • • Evidence of financial commitments that you have partaken as a couple (e.g. joint ownership of real estate, joint bank accounts, sharing of household responsibilities and expenses)

According to the, there are four (4) broad evidences that an applicant for an Australian partner visa must provide, namely:

  • 1. Financial aspects – provide proof of financial responsibilities taken as a couple
  • 2. Nature of household – provide proof of divided responsibilities within the household and the family
  • 3. Social context of relationship – provide proof that their relationship is accepted socially (e.g. invited together to events and occasions)
  • 4. Nature of commitment towards each other

Don’t let lacking evidence get in between you and your beloved’s future. Now that you know what to prepare when applying for an Australian Partner Visa, you and your sweetheart can now apply for an Australian Visa and live together happily in Australia.

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