Online Visa Application in Australia Now Rolls Out Faster

Online Visa Application

Effective this 2013, Australia already began its program for speeding up visa applications online, ideally to draw attention to the wealthiest travelers coming from Asia, especially those from China.

In line with this, the Australian government is taking into consideration giving longer visa validity along with multiple entry visas for individuals who were classified under low risk visitors.

With reference to the current set-up, tourists of Chinese national who want to visit Australia are required to accomplish a complete paperwork in readable English which are then submitted along with their passports to the Chinese postal system.  The visas are approved in a span of up to seven days under this system.

During a tourism conference in Canberra, the federal government tourism minister, Martin Ferguson announced in front of 300 delegates that “The government recognizes that the tourism experience starts long before arrival at a destination.  This will further enhance and streamline visitor experiences in Australia.”

Also during the said conference, billionaire James Packer added that “we need to cut further red tape and make Australia an easier place to get to.”

James Packer has future plans of building a six-star hotel and a casino complex somewhere in Sydney, Australia.  Packer believes that the tourism industry in Australia has a potential to earn revenue of $95 billion each year.

Ferguson disclosed that the plan of a two-year rollout for the new program of an online visa application are currently being designed to further progress the tourism investment appeal in Australia.  He reiterated that the Tourism Major Project Facilitation Service (TMPF) will be responsible for approving and granting Australian visas in a much simpler and streamlined regulatory procedure.

“Tourism is now a national investment priority.  The TMPF is one example of how the Australian Government is working with states and territories to make Australia a more attractive investment destination.”

Also during the tourism conference, Tourism Australian Chairman, Geoff Dixon said that almost half of the tourists in Australia are coming from Asia, particularly in China.