New Zealand And Australia Jointly Manage Overseas Immigration Doctors

NZ and AU manage overseas immigrationAccording to the latest official announcement, Australia and New Zealand jointly agreed to administer an offshore network of panel doctors in order to improve the quality of physical health examinations that visa applicants receive.

The panel doctors consist of radiologists and physicians who undertake and passed the immigration health exams for visa applicants.

New Zealand and Australia entered into (MOU) a memorandum of understanding which establishes a jointly managed network, organized by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and Immigration New Zealand (INZ).

According to Nigel Bickle, head of INZ and Martin Bowles, DIAC Secretary, the Memorandum of Understanding can bring several benefits to New Zeland and Australia.

The benefits include:

  • • A more improved service to customers
  • • Performance management, improved targeted communication, training for panel  physician network and other relevant cost savings.
  • • Improved integrity through robust auditing and analysis
  • • Expansion of treatment networks
  • • More tuberculosis screening
  • • Development of objectives of Five Country Conference which includes shared investment and partnership, promoting best practice, promotion of efficiency and health protection through quality assurance and efficient shared management.

According to Mr. Bowles, the said agreement would support a wider alignment of New Zealand and Australian immigration health policies and processes. He also stated that the said memorandum would facilitate New Zealand’s electronic processing of its immigration physical health examinations.

The network’s implementation will take place in three phases and it is expected to be fully implemented in July 2014.

This agreement is another good news for visa applicants.

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