New UK law allows Sydney marriage same-sex partners

Same Sex Partners

London – The British parliament has passed a law permitting gay and lesbian Australians and their British partners to marry in Sydney.

The law also allows both civil and church weddings for the couples in England and Wales.

As this developed, the British consulate in Sydney said it will officiate wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples provided one of the partners is a British citizen.

The law will also give way for couples who simply had civil rites to turn it officially into a legal marriage.

According to NSW cross party working group which campaigned for the passing of the law, the new law is welcome news for several same-sex couples who are mostly in de facto relationship or were living in as partners for several years now.

The group said the new law will now give them legal basis to have an open relationship and be recognized by society like other marriages.

The group also commended British solons for passing the law, which they said was proof that when parties unite to work for a single goal, anything can be achieved.