New Australian Visa Law Tougher for Skilled Brits

The popular Skilled visa subclass 457, that allows skilled migrants (foreign workers) to work and live in the country, has been compressed down by the Australian government – making it tougher for skilled British workers to find a job in Australia. Since the 457 visa is widely popular among British managers and employees.

The new law requires companies to have Australians fill the job vacancies. Also, the application fees under the new law has increased dramatically.

Union National Secretary Dave Noonan stated that there are Australian residents and citizens who are skilled and are trying to be employed and yet the employer brings in people under the 457 visa program. A lot of employers still hope that the new legislation would be reconsidered and relaxed.

In a recent survey conducted by the Migration Council of Australia, the report showed that employees under the 457 visa scheme have a higher level of job satisfaction. Migration Council Australia’s Chief Executive Carla Wilshire said that the report revealed that the 457 visa scheme is important in Australia’s competitiveness in industries. The Subclass 457 visa is beneficial to the workplace development and not just in addressing shortages.