Immigration Rules Rift Family Ties

immigration rules for familiy

The new immigration rule which requires British Citizens to earn more than eighteen thousand pounds or twenty-nine thousand U.S. dollars to bring a non -European Spouse have caused the splitting up of some families.

A number of British Citizens who attempted to return home after living in a foreign land were prohibited from returning. An Australian merchant, with an annual earnings of four hundred thousand pounds or six hundred fifty thousand U.S. dollars was not eligible to obtain a visa because his British spouse had no sufficient earnings. Coopers reported that the reason for the denial was, the man’s overseas earnings could not be considered and his wife does intend to have any employment in United Kingdom.

Another man, a chief financial officer and an owner of firm in Dubai, had a salary package of two hundred fifty thousand pounds but failed to qualify under the new income threshold.

High-earning entrepreneurs who intend to return home were also banned from entering Britain due to the income threshold.

The parliamentary group on migration appeals to the government to review the laws on family migration that was introduced eleven months ago as a part of government’s campaign to reduce net migration.

The said laws intend to reduce the number of migrants coming to Britain, particularly those coming from the non- European Economic Areas (EEA) to join their partners or spouses. It also aims to cut down the number of elderly people joining their families.

However, EEA citizens residing in Britain who wish bring thier non – EEA partners or relatives are not covered by the income threshold that are imposed on citizens of United Kingdom.

Some families complained that some British nationals earning the minimum wage could not reach the income threshold and that it was harder for people residing outside the South East where salaries are lower.

Low income earners of United Kingdom’s working population, such as elderly people, young adults and ethnic groups also experienced difficulties.

They required dependent relatives to show that they need long term care that they could not obtain even with the financial assistance of their sponsors in their native countries.

According to Baroness Hamwee, the said rules cause anguish to families and maybe costly to their purse. Official figures indicate that there was a 17% decline for partners who wish to enter Britain.

The government stated that the said rules were created to ensure that people visiting United Kingdom will not become a burden to the taxpayer.