Minister Morrison: Illegals politically correct term for asylum seekers

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says that “illegals” is the politically correct terminology for asylum seekers.

Mr. Morrison said he would not apologise for the hardline stance and that he was referring to the mode of entry. He has instructed the departmental and detention centre staff to refer to asylum-seekers as “illegal” arrivals and “detainees” rather than clients.

There were concerns regarding the language used under the Abbott government regarding asylum-seekers. However, the minister said that migration should be an “economic policy, not a welfare policy.

Earlier this year, there were news regarding the 457 skilled visa program being abused by employers in Australia. Not prioritizing the locals first. In June, the government passed laws that employers need to prove – through market testing – that they could not find an Australian citizen that is able to fill the job before sponsoring a foreign/ overseas worker.