Migrant Workers in Canberra Protest Vs. Alleged Exploitation

migrant workers exploitation

Canberra – Some 60 foreign workers together with the construction union held a peaceful rally in Mort Street in Braddon to protest alleged exploitation of some workers from Korea who were recruited on 457 working visa scheme.

The group said some of the workers were made to work for long hours under minimum pay which is against the terms of their employment. The union said they wanted the company to pay the workers for back wages.

CFMEU ACT branch secretary Dean Hall said the foreign workers had a 38 hour week contract but were required to work more than double the agreed time.

The union official said the workers were only paid less than 15 dollars per hour and without benefits such as superannuation, holiday pay, and sick leave, which the official said can be considered as exploitation.

Hall also claimed that 457 visa workers are often denied their right in the workplace and the violations against foreign workers are rampant in the capital as well as in other places outside Canberra.

The company where the workers belonged denied the claims of the protesting workers but cooperated to close down the construction site during the protest rally.

The protest rally ended peacefully.