Migrant Investor Visa

Investor Visa With its robust economy and stable political system, many foreign investors are enticed to go to Australia for business and investment purposes. Every merchant can have an assurance and sense of security that there will be a good return in his capital. Merchants who wish to start a new business in Australia can now avail of a migrant investor visa.

This visa is specifically designed for people who have a genuine intent to invest and establish a business in Australia for  a period of four years or more.This visa is also the first step in order to be granted a permanent Business Skilled Visa.

What you can do with this visa?

With migrant investor visa, you can make a designated investment. travel in any part of Australia and return as many times as you wish. It will also allow you to bring with you your loved ones in Australia. Your family can also study, work and establish a permanent residence in Australia.

Cost of Investment

The Australian Government is encouraging rich immigrants to invest in Australia. It now offers a migrant investor visa. This visa requires a minimum investment of 5 million Australian dollars to invest in Australia.

Requirements for Migrant Investor Visa

– The applicant must be 45 years of age or younger at the time of application.
– Submit a letter of intent for SkillSelect.
– Must be nominated by a state government.
– Invest an amount of at least five million dollars into government bonds, Australian Securities and Investment Commission regulated managed funds with a mandate for directly investing in Australian companies.


An Australia investor visa is initially a four year provisional Australian business visa subclass that can lead to Australian permanent residence provided relevant criteria have been met. Some people particularly the merchants find the Business Owner Visas very useful instead.


Migrant Investor Visa applicants for this class must be 45 years old or younger at the time of application.

Business Experience

A Migrant investor visa is a great option for those who have a successful career in investments or business activities. A person applying for a migrant investor visa must:

– Have three years experience of directly managing eligible investments or qualifying businesses.
– Must personally own business assets amounting to AUS $2,250,000 which must be transferred to Australia within two years.
– Have adequate assets to settle in Australia.
– Must notify the Australian government of business intentions.
– Prior to visa application, the applicant should have personally managed a business with at least 10% of the total value of the business, or have been directly involved in managing investments amounting to at least AUS $1,500,000.
-Have made a designated investment of AUS $1,500,000 before the grant of the visa.

Character And Health Requirements

The Government of Australia has a stringent character and health requirements which must be complied with before any kind of permanent visa of more than twelve months could be granted. People who wish to migrate to Australia using an Australian business visa are required to:

– Undergo a physical examination and chest X-ray to be conducted by one of the panel doctors to be undertaken by Australian authorities.
– Get police certificates for all countries in which they have stayed for more than twelve months during the ten year period leading up to the application period.