Legislation to Excise Australian Mainland from Migration Zone

australian mainlandIn a bid to prevent the entry of asylum seekers, the Australian Mainland was excised from the migration zone. Up to this moment, the seekers of asylum who arrived at the Australian mainland by boat are not allowed not be sent offshore to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and Naru for purposes of immigration processing.

This modification has removed any legal benefit for seekers of asylum who arrived at the Australian mainland.

The opposition supported the bill, which stated that it is similar to legislation introduced in year 2006 by Howard’s government. However, the Greens predicted that the next Australian politicians might be apologizing for it.

Applications for Assylum – Year 2012

For the year 2012, there were numerous applications for asylum from different states:

Australia – 15,790, Sweden – 43,890, Switzerland – 25,950, Italy -15,710, United States – 83,430 and New Zealand – 320.

The said proposal was one of the twenty –five recommendations of the panel on asylum seekers. It was introduced by the Australian Government to the parliament last year 2012. As an urgent matter, the Australian Government ordered the senate to ensure that the bill will be passed.

Michaelia Cash, a coalition senator stated that Brendan O’ Connor, made a special visit to opposition to obtain the bill through parliament.Cash stated that O’Connor, the Immigration Minister went to the coalition and begged with them to facilitate the passage of the bill.

The government is dealing with the growing number of boats arriving in Mainland Australia, stated that such legislation is just a preventive measure.

However, the refugee groups and the Greens stated that it deprives asylum seekers of their legitimate rights.

All of the proposed amendments of Greens allowing access to media, Human Rights Commission inspection, and the removal of children from Manus Island did not successfully pass. However, Greens Senator Sarah Young stated that the bill can do nothing to prevent the arrival of people by boat.

Gillian Triggs, the president of Commission on Human Rights,stated that the legislation is discriminatory particularly against vulnerable individuals. It also penalizes them for their way of arrival in Australia.

Triggs further warned that transferring the seekers of asylum to a 3rd country could violate their human rights.