Largest Australian Citizenship Ceremony Conducted in Darwin

australian governmentDarwin – At least 270 people became Australian citizens in the biggest Australian Citizenship ceremony held in the city Last April 15.

The new Australians came from different countries such as Congo, Canada, East Timor, Taiwan and Iran, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Singapore, Uganda, Myanmar, Zambia, UAE – United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Zimbabwe, China, Sudan, South Africa, Nepal, India, Germany, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Liberia, Uganda, Cambodia, Burundi, Ukraine, Singapore, New Zealand and Greece.

All new 270 citizens took the vow and assembled in Darwin Entertainment Center during their conferment as new Australian citizens by Hon. Katrina Fong Lim, the Mayor of Darwin City Council.

It was a remarkable ceremony in Darwin, as it took the largest number of people who acquired Australian Citizenship currently this year. It exceeded the last year’s Darwin ceremony wherein 135 were granted Australian citizenship.

At present, some 424 people were already conferred by the City Council of Darwin as Australian citizens.

A spokesman of Department of Immigration and Citizenship said that principal countries of citizens that represented Darwin are acclaimed multi-cultural society.

The spokesman further said that the 270 individuals will be taking the last step of uniting with the Australian community as fully-pledged affiliates withal the rights and responsibilities of an Australian Citizen.