Kiwi-Australia Immigration Deal To Be Assessed

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A prominent university lecturer in Melbourne called for the agreement between Australia and New Zealand to permit its citizens to work and reside in each others’ countries without requiring their visas to be evaluated or examined, asserting that such arrangement may fave way to “a back door immigration”. The said countries have an extraordinary close ties, but according to  Dr. Bob Birrell that  closeness could be easily exploited.

Currently, majority of the figures in Australian immigration, rank United Kingdom, India, and China, as the major countries of migrants to Australia, however Kiwis easily surpass all. For the  year 2012, China landed as the number one source  of Australian immigration, with a total number of 17,580 immigrants, United Kingdom  with 14,800 immigrants and for Indian-born immigrants 14,280. But during the same period, there were more than  thirty thousand people who were born in New Zealand who  moved or migrated to Australia.

Dr  Birrell, popular professor of Monash University states that the number of Kiwis moving to Australia is not the  real  concern, the issue  is with the present arrangement,  allowing citizens of both countries to pass through the Tasman Sea without  presenting  a visa. This can leave a big possibility  for those who had  been denied a visa to go to New Zealand as an alternative, apply for citizenship there, and then freely migrate to Australia. In his report that was released, Dr. Bob Birrell  mentioned about  the possible effects or consequences that immigration could bring to salary rates in Australia and called for a careful scrutiny  or assessment regarding  New Zealand’s  controversial deal with Australia.

Source : Australian Visa Bureau