Issues on 457 Visa Gets Personal

457 visa issue

Canberra – The misunderstanding on the issue of the 457 visas between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Coalition has worsened after the Coalition made personal issues on Gillard’s communications director John McTernan.

McTernan who admitted that he is working for the government using 457 visa said the debate on the issue is irrelevant and his personal situation does not matter. Australian, visa work, Australian visa, travel visa

A journalist had recently questioned McTernan’s role in Gillard’s office and his access to sensitive documents in the office. The journalist also reminded government that workers are not allowed to handle ministerial functions during the previous administration, especially someone holding 457 visa like McTernan.

McTernan, a former director for political operation of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was issued 457 visa during the Howard administration and joined Gillard as staff in 2011.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for PM Gillard said the attack on McTernan was personal and assured critics that all the staff of the prime minister has all passed security requirements.

McTernan was also accused last year as behind the government attack on Opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Both the government and the Coalition are engaged in a heated debate over the 457 issues. The government had earlier announced to implement changes on the visa program by putting restrictions to it to prevent abuse. The opposition, on the other hand, wants to ease the limit on the visa program.