Issues Involved When Applying for Australian Citizenship

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For many people today, Australia is a favorite place to immigrate and start with life anew. Due to the promise of better life, the country has become a destination for workers, students, professionals and those seeking new lives and experiences.

Many of those who stayed and experienced life in Australia as visitors, tourist or immigrants have come to like the place.
As the new frontier of development in the world, Australia has lots to offer to migrants and for them, this is the place where their dreams can be fulfilled.

To some of these migrants, acquiring Australian citizenship is the culmination of a long-held dream. Becoming a citizen would open more windows of opportunities for a migrant in terms of job, status, and privileges.

Definitely migrants do not enjoy the same rights and privileges as citizens and because of this, they cannot vote in any elections or referendum. Neither can they be employed in the Australian Public Service or serve in the Australian army.  In addition to this, they cannot run for public office or be elected into Parliament.

Only Australian citizens can apply for passport and re-enter the country freely. They also have the privilege to get assistance from Australian officials while traveling abroad. In addition to this, they have the right to have children born in other countries be registered as citizens by virtue of having an Australian parent.

One can become an Australian citizen either by descent or adoption. Applying for Australian citizenship is determined by eligibility and there are various options to apply with corresponding requirements for each option.

Before you begin with the process, determine first if you will qualify or not. Only persons who qualify under the following criteria can apply for citizenship:

  • • If you are married to or a partner of an Australian citizen
  • • If you are a migrant who has a permanent residence in the country
  • • If you are a child of a former Australian
  • • If you are a New Zealand citizen living in the country
  • • If you are a refugee or humanitarian migrant
  • • If you belong to children under Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme
  • • If you are born in Papua before 1975

Once you qualify in one of these categories, you can start gathering original documents to support your claim. Documents to be submitted and filed for citizenship application must have copies that are duly certified. This means the copies of the documents must be authenticated by the government office which issued them, complete with signatures and signed seals or stamps if necessary. After this, you may now lodge your application with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.