Issues Involved in Spouse Visa Application

Australian Couple

The spouse/ partner visa is temporarily given to applicants before they are granted a permanent one and after they have met specific requirements. This is often done to determine whether a relationship is genuine or not, which takes about two years.

Application for the visa can be done either in Australia or in other countries as long as you comply and passed the Australian immigration requirements.


Before you can be granted this visa, you must first know whether you qualify or not and this is done by undergoing assessment for eligibility.   First, to qualify for spouse visa Australia application,  the applicant must be married  or have a relationship with  an Australian citizen,  an eligible New Zealand citizen, an Australian  permanent resident and who must be of legal age.

It is advantageous for applicants to provide accurate information during assessment since this would ensure honest and right results of their assessment.

Applicants married to Australians are qualified for a visa provided their marriage is recognizes by Australian law. On the other hand, applicants who are in a de facto relationship are eligible to apply for this type of visa if they can prove that there is a relationship between two committed partners for at least a year.


Applications for this type of visa can either be done in Australia or outside of the country. For those applying in Australia, also called as “onshore applicants”, they are only required to present a valid visa during application and must be in Australia during the granting of the visa.

On the other hand, “offshore spouse visa applicants” or those applying outside Australia may not necessarily be in the country at the time of the granting of visa.

In addition to this, all applicants must satisfy and comply with the health and character requirements of the application.

If an applicant is eligible for the visa and he/she has satisfied and passed all the requirements, a temporary visa will be issued, which is valid for two years from the date when the application was filed.

For an applicant to be granted a permanent  fiancee visa, he/she must be able to show that the relationship is authentic and continuous during the two-year period.

Once an applicant is issued a permanent spouse visa Australia, she becomes a permanent resident and can be allowed to live, study or work in the country permanently. She can also enjoy the benefits and privileges such as government-sponsored healthcare, social security benefits and a chance to become an Australian citizen.