India and China Top Source of Immigrants to Australia

Immigrants To AustraliaIn the recent report released by Immigration Minister Brendan O’ Connor, he stated that 7 of the top ten source countries of immigrants to Australia were Asian countries. immigrants to Australia font>

The report “Migration Trends ” indicated that the Asian Region was the leading source for permanent migration in Australia. It further stated that China and India were the two major countries.

India was the number one state, 23.7 % of Australia’s migration program composed of Indian Immigrants. China landed on the number two spot.

Minister O’ Connor stated that this was more than the actual rate of Australian Population and it is important in addressing the demographic issues of aging population.

He further stated that with Australian Government’s major emphasis on skilled migration, the said growth is essential in ensuring depth in the labor force of Australia.

O’Connor stated that the patterns for migration are changing. Though, the number of visas represent new migrants, half of the skilled migration visas were granted in 2011-2012 went to holders of temporary visa. The Government of Australia also granted 13,700 visas for humanitarian purposes in the same year .

The Immigration Minister also stated that such instances reflect a surging trend of migrants finding what Australia has to offer before making a firm decision to permanently settle in Australia.

Australia continues to earn its spot as the top three resettlement country in the world, along with United States of America and Canada.

Currently, the Philippines, is also considered as one of the top source of immigrants to Australia.