How to speed up your Australian visa application?

visa applicationGetting a visa approved as soon as possible is good news to any visa applicant. For those who desire to go to Australia to work or study, to stay for vacation or live there permanently, securing a visa is the first step towards the realization of their dreams.

If you want to facilitate the processing of your visa application, the key is in the planning and preparation.

What to do

Since requirements vary depending on visa types, it is important to know first which documents you have to secure in order to comply with the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Before you fill out and sign your Australian visa application, make sure you have secured the following documents:

  • – Original copy of your passport with six months validity
  • – Passport quality photos
  • – A copy of passport and ID card as well as copy of all visas, valid and expired
  • – Copy of birth certificate/ registration, work permit, etc.
  • – Copy of travel tickets and travel schedule or itinerary
  • – Copy of confirmed hotel reservations
  • – Medical check results from medical facilities and hospitals recognized by the Australian government
  • – Copy of bank statements to show proof of financial capability
  • – The letter from the employer with letterhead and contact details stating the date you work for the company, your position, purpose of the trip, the granting of the leave of absence, and confirmation of your return to the current job. For students, an official letter from the school or university where the student is enrolled, stating that he has good academic standing and will be returning for the next semester.
  • – For visiting friends or family members, you must submit a copy of the letter of invitation, the address of the host and the visitor, as well as the purpose of the visit, the length of stay, the accommodation with the signature confirming the date. You must also provide proof of the host’s status by submitting a copy of the host’s passport, and for non-citizens, a copy of the residence permit and national passport.
  • – For those who are bringing children, you must submit certified copies of birth certificates with the names of parents.

To make sure you encounter no delays in your application, it is important that you comply with the requirements and submit authenticated copies of the pertinent documents as failure to comply with this or submitting false and bogus documents may lead to delays or disqualification of your application.

Consult with professionals

Before you lodge any visa application, it is important to consult with experienced and professional people in the field.  Therefore consult only with trusted and reliable visa experts.