How to Apply for Australian Visa?

visa applicationI’m pretty sure that you’ve seen the fascinating sights of Australia in photos, postcards, and blogs. You’ve seen how people experience the thrill of adventure through advertisements and documentaries. Now it’s your turn to experience the journey of a lifetime, and now that you’ve garnered enough finances for your trip, you have to remember that you need to secure an Australian Visa before even going there, since having a passport is not enough.

The next thing on your mind is how to apply for Australian Visa. There are specific visas such as the tourist, student, fiancé/fiancée, and spouse visas, but all of those visas have the general requirements that is somewhat similar to acquiring a passport. Here is the list of instructions on what you need to bring in order to have a hassle-free processing :

  • • An Australian visa application form depending on the purpose in the nearest Australian embassy or the nearest officiated visa service, completely filled out and signed
  • • An original Philippine passport, signed with a validity of at least six months remaining
  • • A passport-type photo
  • • Photocopies of ID card and original passport which include a copy of all existing and expired visas
  • • Medical Report, where attaching a medical check receipt and the chest x-ray result of the applicant from a designated hospital if they are staying for more than three months in Australia or is over the age of seventy-five.
  • • A copy of itinerary, more known as round-trip tickets
  • • An original employment letter from the employer, business head also acceptable. Complete with details beginning on day of employment, company position, granted leave of absence, duration and purpose of trip, and a statement that the applicant will return to their current job. For students, they are required to submit an authorized letter from their institution that they are in good standing and are registered for the next term.
  • • Official copy of hotel reservations.
  • • If invited by friends, or if visiting family, a letter of invitation is required with contact information of the visitor and the host, duration, purpose, authentication of accommodation with address provided, and signature with date. Proof of the status of the host in Australia is also needed such as their passport information or if not an Australian citizen, a permit of Australian residency is required for submission.
  • • If a child will arrive at Australia and they are below the age of eighteen, evidence of family relationship should be provided for submission such as birth certificate copies, with both parents’ names written. If the child will come without one or both of the parents or any legal guardian, a consent form should be provided by the parent or guardian not accompanying the child with evidence of family relationship.

Applying for Australian Visa is not so hard. Just make sure to check everything and when you’ve made sure that you got everything set, pack your bags, charge the camera and you’ll be setting sail in Australian soil in no time, with an amazing adventure that awaits you, and a truly memorable experience that cannot be compared to what you see in documentaries alone.
I hope this article has answered your queries on how to apply for Australian Visa.